Portland Waterfront

The river that flows through the city allows for nature to enter the city and gorgeous water views to captive locals and travelers alike.  Explore the Portland Waterfront and find boat docks, fountains,  paths, art, and trails all while enjoying the view. Much like the Harlow Hotel, the waterfront parks have a long historic past as well.

The idea for this park came at the turn of the century when the 1903 Olmsted Report pointed out the need not only for parks within the city, but for a greenway scheme for the riverbanks in order to ensure their preservation for future generations. Floods and roadways created a divide in this area for a long time until the Eastbound highway (I-5) and the Marquam Bridge were constructed to help with traffic patterns. In 1974, the construction of a waterfront park began. It was completed and dedicated in 1978, gaining instant popularity.

portland, or bridge and river with city view